Mental Health Awareness Day, 2017

Depression means sinking.

It means sinking, in slow motion.

It’s heavy.

It sits in your chest.  It hurts.

It’s seeing the top of the water but no matter how hard you claw, you can’t reach the surface.

It’s selfish and it’s unforgiving.

Depression is numbness.  The inability to feel.

But to feel everything.

It is an all consuming fire in your bones, desperately fighting for the power to destroy you.



Anxiety is fear.

It’s lack of control.

It’s white knuckling life.

It’s the rattling in your chest.

The beating of your heart mimicking a thunderous drum.

It’s shaking. Rocking. Crying. Yelling. Breathing. Gasping.

It is the manifestation of all you wish you were, and all you will never be.



They steal your joy

Your self worth.

Your relationships.

Your pride.

Your  l i f e.


Today is World Mental Health Awareness Day.

It’s a day set aside to recognize that anxiety and depression are REAL.  They are present.  And they have been given the opportunity to destroy too many lives.


Today, say a prayer for those who struggle with a mental health disorder.  Know that they need you.  They need your prayers.  Or a smile.  They need to feel loved, to feel like they matter.  Because they do, don’t they?

You matter.

Do you know that?

You were fearfully and wonderfully made by a God who makes NO mistakes.  His canvas is a beautiful tapestry in which He created you in His image.

You are enough.

You are enough.





xoxo, A

One thought on “Mental Health Awareness Day, 2017

  1. I often say “feel the love” , right now I “feel the pain” in your articulate words. We are battling spiritual forces according to the Bible, which I wholeheartedly believe. We need each other to help keep us afloat and remind us how deeply we are ALL LOVED!❤️ Thanks for sharing your heart. There is so much hope when we cling to LOVE. Even when we feel unworthy.

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