What Is Beachbody Coaching?

Beachbody coaching changed my L I F E.


If you read my story, you know I struggled tremendously with B A L A N C E.  Always too much or too little.  Never consistent.  Never truly H E A L T H Y.


Beachbody helped me to FINALLY learn what a healthy lifestyle entailed and gave me the resources to maintain this healthy lifestyle.


So when you find something you love, what do you do?  You share it with the freakin’ world! If I can change one women’s life by investing in them and supporting them as they pursue their health and fitness journey then I am doing something right!


If you like to help others, you’re passionate about health and fitness, you’re looking to help your family financially (part or full time), and you are ready to hold yourself accountable by supporting others — coaching just may be for you!


In the past year and a half coaching as allowed me to support over 100 women on their health and fitness journey.  It has allowed me to be home with my baby girl for EIGHT MONTHS before returning to teaching just part time.  It has built my self confidence in unparalleled ways.  It has helped me to learn how to love myself.  It has introduced me to my TRIBE, my GIRLS, my Beachbody FAMILY.


Email me at savedandstrong@gmail.com for information on how to join my team!


Introducing — MONTHLY COACH TRAINING ACADEMY!  Our newly revised coach training academy will launch on the first Monday of every month.  This group will provide all new coaches with both 1:1 mentorship as well as small group support.  Everything from social media presence to how to earn $$$ will be covered in each 30 day group.  The group is designed as a tool to start our coaches off with immediate SUCCESS.  We are a team and we work TOGETHER!