3 Day Refresh! Tips//Hacks//RESULTS

Oh 3 Day Refresh, how I feared you!

It took me TWO YEARS to pull the trigger and try the 3 Day Refresh for the first time and I am here to tell you — I WISH I DID IT SO MUCH SOONER!

Below you are going to see a SUPER honest play by play of the 3 Day Refresh — both the good AND the bad….

Let’s start with the break down of what exactly the 3 Day Refresh is:


Shakeology + Fruit Option


Fiber Sweep


Vanilla Fresh Shake + Fruit Option + Veggie Option + Healthy Fat Option

Veggie Option + Healthy Fat Option



Vanilla Fresh Shake + Dinner Option



Each day, you eat and drink the above — not too shabby, right?!?


Let’s start with the morning — SHAKEO!  I was SO GLAD that I could still have my morning Shakeology.  I did Chocolate Vegan with half a banana, cold water, and ice!  Delicious and pretty similar to my typical morning routine.

Next up was tea.  I never liked tea.  It makes me think of being sick, ya know.  I didn’t really enjoy it, but I had my tea mid morning!

And now for the dreaded Fiber Sweep.  I had heard HORROR stories about this thing.  I was given 3 KEY tips that made drinking this shake SO easy (….I actually enjoyed it…is that weird?)

TIP #1 — Drink it with ICE COLD water!!! I had to drink mine at work so I kept a shaker with water in the fridge until I was ready to add the powder.

TIP #2 — ALL THE LEMONSSSSS.  Add lemon juice to your ice cold water!!

TIP #3 — CHUG THAT ISH.  Drink it fast.  Not because it tastes bad, but because it will thicken if it sits over time.

Since you are only using 10 oz of water, it goes down fast and I can honestly tell you that by following those 3 tips, I actually enjoyed the lemony flavor!

Onto the Afternoon!

Vanilla Fresh shake!  As good as Shakeology — no.  Drinkable?  For sure.  TIP — add in some cinnamon or a pure extract like vanilla or almond (a little goes a LONG way — just a dash!!).

Okay — ready to have your mind B L O W N!!  This idea was all my hubby’s so I can’t take credit for it, but I HAVE to share because it was a game changer for me!  Instead of doing the Vanilla Fresh as a shake, you can make it into a PUDDING!!!

Here’s how:

Shake your powder into a bowl and slowly add cold water until it reaches the consistency you desire.  Add in some cinnamon and extract of your choice.  Pop in the fridge/freezer for 10 min to make it nice and cold — ENJOY!

This really made me feel like I was having a dessert so I was all about this idea!  Well done, Justin!


My lunch pretty much every day was half an apple//5 baby carrots//and 1.5 tsp of almond butter!  Side note — when I realized I could still have my almond butter I was JAZZED!!!!!

My afternoon snacks were often more carrots and almond butter — I’m boring…I know.  🙂  You like what you like…right?!


Time for dinner!

We tried 2 of the dinner options and really enjoyed both of them, especially the spinach salad — it was SO big and we were hungry!!  I loved adding the sunflower seeds to the salad — added that extra crunch and some saltiness — yum!





The other dinner option we made was the Coconut Steamed Veggies!  This is going to become a side dish in our household for sure.  Who knew a little coconut oil could drastically change the taste of your veggies?!



We finished off the night with another Vanilla Fresh pudding and a cup of tea!  It was kind of nice to snuggle on the couch and sip tea before bed 🙂  Truth — it was an adjustment going to bed feeling hungry.  I think that was the toughest part — not having a full belly before bed.  That being said,  waking up feeling so clean and having such a flat tummy — WORTH IT.

After 3 days it was time for what everyone looks forward to — the RESULTS!!!  So, here we have it — my results and Justin’s results after 3 days on the 3 Day Refresh!!


So was it worth it — YES!!

What was the best part? — Shakeology, almond butter, and REAL FOOD being part of the 3 day meal guide.

What was the hardest part? — Day 2 was the toughest day for me.  Day 1 I was excited and ready to tackle it…. Day 3 I knew it was my last day and I could finish strong…Day 2 was tough so if you experience the same, know that you CAN stick it out because you only have ONE MORE DAY!!

Interested in giving it a whirl!?  There are 3 options you can choose from!

Option #1 — 3 Day Refresh + Month of Shakeology + Portion Control Containers + Beachbody On Demand ALL Access  This option also grants you access to an accountability group run by yours truly and is full of other men and women who aren’t just in need of a quick fix, but instead are using the 3 Day Refresh as a kickstart to a healthier lifestyle.  This option is perfect for someone who is truly looking for a lasting change!

Option #2 — 3 Day Refresh + Month of Shakeology  This option also grants you access to the accountability group and equips you with a healthy meal swap every day — Shakeology!

Option #3 — 3 Day Refresh Complete Kit  This option is best for someone who is looking for a cleanse from a holiday weekend, or is preparing for an event (wedding, vacation, etc.)  It can also be paired with your current healthy lifestyle if you’re simply looking for something to get you back on track!

If you have more questions, please feel free to email me at savedandstrong@gmail.com — I would love to chat with you!

xoxoxo –  A