3 Tips To Help Mamas Thrive, Not Just Survive

Are you surviving or thriving?

I think most of us simply survive.  And I whole-heartedly believe this is NOT the way we were intended to live.  It doesn’t mean that life should always be rainbows and butterflies, but it does mean that our purpose in life is not to solely survive.  It is so much more than that.

We dread Sunday nights.

We wish for Fridays.

We repetitively check the calendar for our next day off.

We cling to date nights, vacations, or heck, even solo trips to Target to get us through.

How much of our time and energy do we waste wishing away our current circumstances?   How much of our time and energy do we expend just keeping our head above water?

Too much time.  Too much energy.

I fully believe that I was not created to simply survive, I was created to THRIVE.

And so were you.

I’m not naive, I know that some seasons are much harder than others.  In some seasons, survival is the best we can muster up and the idea of thriving seems so far off.  

The kids get sick.  Someone loses their job.  A grandparent passes. Finances are tight.  Difficult decisions have to be made. Work is stressful.  You’re in that same argument with your spouse that never seems to fully get resolved.

Life can be TOUGH.  But, we are in control of what we do with the cards we have been dealt.

If we want to thrive, then we need to make changes in our lives NOW.  You don’t wait for “better” circumstances, you take action today.

Here are my top 3 tips for improving your quality of life so you can THRIVE:

  1. Wake up early.  I know, this sounds like the opposite of thriving.  I love my sleep too, mama, especially when that sweet little sleep terrorist is stealing so very much of it.  But here’s the thing, when you proactively choose to be in control of how your day starts, you are so much more likely to be the boss of your day.  Check out my blog post filled with epic tips on how to set yourself up for early morning success by taking small, helpful steps the night before! The Secret Sauce to Waking Up Before the Kids.
  2. Start your day with something life-giving.  It may be reading a devotional, it could be yoga, maybe it’s meditation with a cup of tea, or perhaps a shot of espresso and a run, writing, journaling, praying, stating affirmations, having a mini dance party in the kitchen, reading a kick-butt personal development book, you get the idea!  What makes you feel like your best self? Do THAT first thing in the morning. Start your day that way and you will be pleasantly surprised by how much better your overall day becomes. Below are 5 of my all-time FAVORITE personal development books to date:
  1.  Pick a daily or weekly mantra.  This may sound silly, but it has helped me and so many others tremendously!  It’s amazing the power our thoughts have over us and our well-being. For instance, if you find yourself covered in baby spit up 30 seconds prior to running out the door for work, you may be tempted to think (or say) something like, “GREAT!  Figures. Of course. This would happen to me. Now I’ll be late. Perfect way to start the day. Ugh!” Instead, combat that with, “Sigh. Okay, it’s just a shirt. I can get changed quickly. This will not ruin my day. It only gets better from here.”  Then, state your mantra. Something like, “I am the boss of my mornings.” (That happens to be my FAVORITE Shaun T quote that I learned while doing his latest program, Transform 20.  Love that man!) I’m not saying we have to be total cornballs and celebrate spit up or unforeseen mishaps that accumulate throughout our day, but I really do find that changing my perspective on the situation drastically helps me overcome it MUCH faster – be it baby spit up, toddler tantrums, or a flat tire.  

By starting our day right, we are so much more likely to enter a state of THRIVING, not just surviving!  

Hey, how about a bonus tip?!

We can be practical and take daily steps towards thriving, but I think there is also an important emotional component to this. 

The feeling of isolation often stands between a life of survival and a life in which we truly thrive.

So, mama, know that you are NOT alone.  Not in the monotonous diaper changes, the exhaustingly endless nights, the piles of dirty laundry.  You’re not alone in feeling sub-par, wondering if you’re doing right by your babies.  You’re not alone in the mom guilt.  Not in the sink full of dishes and the humiliating toddler tantrum in Target.  You’re not alone in your need for a break, or in your desire to need some time to yourself.  You’re not alone in your trauma; your tragedy.  You’re not alone in your pain, and your tears are not unseen.  There is another mama out there walking through a similar season, and there is a Holy Father whose hands will take the wheel should you allow him to do so.  

You are not alone.  Remember that.

This too shall pass.  

“My mission in life is not to merely survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion and some style.” -Maya Angelou

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  1. Allie Z

    I am going to try the weekly mantra! Are there any that you have really loved recently???

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