Mama Matters, Too [Journal]

It has arrived! A self-care journal designed specifically with mamas in mind!

Mama Matters, Too [A Self-care Journal for Moms] was created to help us mamas remember that WE matter too!

Chances are, you spend the majority of your day catering to every one around you, neglecting yourself in the process.  

Motherhood is a beautiful calling and we are blessed to serve our children and families, however, it is imperative that we carve out time for ourselves and learn how to fill our own cups.  When your cup is full, you are then able to fill the cups of those around you.  Believe it or not, taking care of yourself first will lead you to becoming an EVEN better mama!

In the journal you will see simple calls to action like writing down what you are grateful for that day, as well as more challenging items like intentionally carving out 30 minutes of mommy time each day.  The idea here is NOT to be perfect or to shame yourself for missing the mark some days.  The goal is to pursue wellness for yourself in some way, shape, or form each day.  It’s to better yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in some positive capacity.

It is so easy to get lost during this season.  Mama, you deserve the time of day.  This is your permission to take care of you.  Small actions each day lead can lead to an overwhelming sense of empowerment and self-confidence!


Take a peek inside!

If you’re a:

  • working mom
  • stay at home mom
  • mom with PPD
  • happy mom
  • busy mom
  • hanging-on-by-a-thread mom
  • tired mom
  • looking-for-more mom

Then, sweet mama, this journal is for you!  

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