• Are you a mama with weight loss goals that keep being put on the back-burner?
  • Do you find yourself too exhausted at the end of the day to cook a healthy, balanced meal for your family?
  • Are you tired of scrolling the internet for healthy meals, only to find complex, time-consuming recipes?
  • Do you find yourself eating fast food or reaching for the takeout menu one too many times each week?
  • Are you looking for a way to integrate a healthier lifestyle not just for yourself, but for your family as well?

Yes? I was there. So I created a solution: Customized meal plans made specifically for the busy mama (& her family!) in mind.

Your customized meal plan is built with you and your busy lifestyle in mind.  Using your goals, desires, and wish list, I create for you a plan designed to get you the results you have been wanting, all while laying a foundation for your household to acquire a healthier lifestyle as well.  Your customized plan will:


  • help you reach your personal health goals
  • provide you with simple, low-prep meal and snack options
  • save you time in the kitchen
  • enable you to save money due to less take-out and fast food meals
  • empower you and equip you to set a positive, healthy example for your family
  1. Customized Mama Meal Plan:  7 days of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks.  This 7 day plan can be used for months to come, as the meals and snacks can be rotated and used various ways!
  2. Customized Grocery List:  This list is built off of your specific plan and categorized for you, making grocery shopping quick & easy (because we all know a mama with a toddler in the grocery store ain’t fun for nobody!)
  3. Mama Meal Plan Template: A blank version of your customized plan for you to print and use for future use.  Tip:  hang this template on your refrigerator to help you and your family plan for the week ahead!
  4. Grocery List Template:  A blank version of your customized grocery list that you can print and complete for future use.
  5. FREE Access to our Nutrition Tribe:  Accountability is the SECRET SAUCE!  By purchasing your Mama Meal Plan, you will be enrolled in our exclusive, closed Facebook group.  Within the group you will be provided with additional tips, resources, and recipes, as well as interact with other mamas pursuing a healthy lifestyle.