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What They're Saying...

"Alyssa created a meal plan for my husband and I based on our personal likes and dislikes, as well as our goals. The meal plan was very realistic. She gave us tons of options. We never understood food portions and healthy eating until she created these for us. We highly recommend a personalized meal plan to make your goals happen. Alyssa is an inspiration to both of us."
Karen Hansen
Tabernacle, NJ
“Alyssa has been incredibly supportive and encouraging, not to mention, has had the faith in me that I couldn’t find at the time. She’s a go-getter. She’s an asset to my life and journey to a healthier me. Her meal plans are easy to follow and broken down so precisely that I know EXACTLY what I need at the store and don’t end up buying fillers. I lost 5 pounds my first WEEK!”
Caiti Wilson
Southampton, NJ

About Me

Hey, mama! I'm Alyssa. I'm a working mama of two girls; a 3 year old spit fire and a 7 month old sleep-stealing cutie. I've been in the field of education for 7 years and a health & fitness coach for 4 years. As a woman with a history of anxiety and depression, I have made it my mission to ignite self love in other women. My goal is to share the tools and resources I have used to help me conquer my mind and my body. I believe that as a mama, it is incredibly important to fill our own cups so we can fill the cups of our family. By pursuing my faith and proactively choosing, on a daily basis, to make my health a priority, I have found myself a better mother, wife, and professional. My prayer is to bring that same quality of life to YOU! xoxo, Lyss